Mineral Atlas


Location- District lies in the southeast of Uttar Pradesh, bounded by Mirzapur and Chandauli in the north, Jharkhand in the east, Madhya Pradesh in the west and Chhattishgarh in the south

Topo sheet No.-63L, 63P, 64I, 64M

Latitude- 230 51′54″ N - 24046′18″ N

Longitude-82040′24″ E - 83033′15″ E

Area-6788 sq. Km

Geological Setup -

The area consists of Dudhi Granitoid Complex overlain by Mahakoshal (Bijawars) and then by Vindhyan Supergroup.

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Major Rivers - Son, Belan, Rihand and Kanhar

Minerals -

Mineral investigation programmes by DGM:

1. China clay in Naudiha-Ramgarh – Advanced stage

2. Sillimanite in Chhipiya area- advanced stage

3. Cement grade limestone in Ghaghar- Advanced stage

4. Placer gold in Hardi-Bagisoti – preliminary stage.

5. Base metals in Deva-Injani– preliminary stage.

Major minerals- Coal, Limestone and Dolomite

Reserve as on Mar.31st 2006:

(i) Coal-7220.00 lakh tonnes                

(ii) Dolomite-200.00 lakh tonnes
(iii) Limestone-4000.00 lakh tonnes
(IV) Sillimanite-32.00 lakh tones 
(v) China clay-165 lakh tones


Minor minerals- Granite, sandstone, Morrum and Sand

Sanctioned leases - (i) Coal

                             (ii) Sand / Morrum -02

Mineral Based industries & investment

(i) Thermal power plant-06 (Rs.5200.00 crores)

(ii) Stone crushers-160 (Rs. 5600 lakhs)

(iii) Brick klins- 07 (Rs140.00 lakhs)

Revenue from major and minor minerals (2005-2006)-Rs.20431.19 Lakhs