Mineral Atlas



Location - District lies in the extreme uppermost corner of Ganga-Yamuna doab. River Ganga lies to east and river Yamuna to its west. Uttarakhand lies to the northeast. Haryana state lies to its west and district Muzaffarnagar to its south.

Toposheet No - 53F, 53J, 53G, 53K

Latitude - 29034′ N - 300 24′ N

Longitude - 7707′ E -78012′ E

Area - 3860 sq. Km

Geological Setup

The area is mostly covered by recent river filled sediments. Sandstones are exposed in the north-eastern part. Yamuna fault is present in the north along the Yamuna River.

Major Rivers - Yamuna and Hindon

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Minor minerals- Sandstone, Bajri, Boulder, sand and morrum

Sanctioned leases -
(i) Sand -40

Mineral Based industries & investment

(i) Stone crushers-70

(ii) Brick klin-162

Revenue from major and minor minerals (2005-2006)-Rs 420.07 Lakhs