Mineral Atlas


Location- District lies in the south of Uttar Pradesh, bounded by Sant Ravidas Nagar (Bhadohi) and Varanasi in the north, Chandauli in the east, Allahabad in the west and Sonbhadra in the south.
Toposheet No.-  63K, 63L, 63O, 63P

Latitude-   240060 N - 250150 N

Longitude- 82004′ E - 83013′39″ E

Area-4521 sq. Km

Geological Setup -

The area consists of Kaimur Sandstone and alluvium.

Major Rivers- Ganga

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Minerals -

Major mineral- Building stones, Road ballast, Bajri, Baulder, sand and morrum Sanctioned leases -

(i)   Sand - 02

(ii) Building Stone (Sandstone) -628
(iii) Red Morrum - 10


Mineral Based Industries

(i) Stone Crushers-04

(ii) Building stone (Granite) -201


Mineral Based industries

          (i)  Stone crushers- 78

          (ii) Stone crushers (Irkon)-02

(iii) Stone crushers (H.C.C)-01

   (iv) Diaspore & Pyrophyllite -03


Revenue from major and minor mineral (2005-2006)- Rs 1321.22 Lakhs