Mineral Atlas



Location- District lies in the extreme south west of Uttar Pradesh, bounded by Jhansi in the north, surrounded by Madhya Pradesh in the west, east & south.

Toposheet No.-54K, 54L

Latitude-24011′ N - 25017′12″ N

Longitude-78011′ E - 79000′ E

Area-5039 sq. Km

Geological Setup

The area is covered by Bundelkhand Granitic Massif overlain by Mahakoshal (Bijawar) and Vindhyans.

Major Rivers- Betwa, Dhasan, Jamni and Narain


Mineral investigation programmes by DGM:


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     1. Detailed Investigation of Gold in Girar area

      2. Detailed Investigation of Pt group of elements in Ikauna-Dangli area.

3. Preliminary Investigation of placer Gold in Berwar area.

    Major minerals-Pyrophyllite, Diaspore and Rock phosphate

Reserve as on Mar.31st 2006:
   Diaspore-25, 000 tonnes

(ii)  Pyrophyllite-6.69 lakh tonnes

(iii) Rock phosphate-60

Minor minerals-Granite, sandstone and Morrum

Sanctioned leases -

(i)  Sand and morrum -04          

(ii) Granitedimensionalstone- 53

(iii) Diaspore-Pyrophyllite -08
(iv) Building stone(Granite -15)
(v) Building Stone(Sandstone) -30

Mineral Based industries

(i)  Granite Stone cutting/polishing units-08

(ii) Granite & Sandstone cutting/ polishing units-02

(iii) Stone grit units-11

(iv) Handicraft units-02

Revenue from major and minor minerals (2005-2006)- Rs.532.30Lakhs