Mineral Atlas



Location- District forms the most northerly portion of the Trans Yamuna tract of the country. In the north Yamuna divides it from the districts of Etawah and Kanpur. On the west it adjoins Madhya Pradesh and to the south-east Betwa separates it from Jhansi and Hamirpur.

Toposheet No- 54 N, 54 O

Latitude-26027′N - 250 56′ N

Longitude-790 52′ E -780 56′ E

Area-4565 sq. Km


Geological Setup

The area is mostly covered by alluvium with exposures of weathered Bundelkhand Granitic Gneisses confined to the southern part. Two sets of lineaments run along the western boundary of the district trending N-S and NE-SW.

Major Rivers- Yamuna., Betwa and Pahuj



Minor minerals- Road ballast, Bajri, Boulder, sand and morrum Sanctioned leases -
(i) Sand/Morrum -47

(ii) boulder-06


Mineral Based industries

(i) Stone crushers-01

(ii) Brick klin-06

Revenue from major and minor minerals (2005-2006)-Rs 284.75 Lakhs

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