Mineral Atlas


Location- Districts lie in the south east of Uttar Pradesh, bounded by Pratapgarh and Jaunpur in the north, Sant Ravidas Nagar in the east, Fatehpur in the west & Mirzapur in the southeast.

Toposheet No.-63G, 63K

Latitude-24047′ N - 25047′ N

Longitude-81036′30″ E - 82022′48″ E

0Area- 5482 sq. Km

Geological Setup

The area is mostly covered by alluvium with exposures of Vindhyan Super Group.

Major Rivers- Ganga and Yamuna



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Major mineral- Silica Sand
Reserve as on Mar.31st 2006: Silica Sand-130.00 lakh tonnes

Minor minerals- Sandstone, grit and ballast

Sanctioned lease areas-
(i) Gitti- 168

(ii)  Sand- 16

(iii) Silica Sand- 45

Mineral Based industries & investment

(i) Glass factory-01(Rs.1000 Crores)

(ii)Silica sand washing plants-50 (Rs.25.00 lakhs)

(iii) Klinker Blending units-01 (Rs.100 Crores)

(iv) Hot mixed plant-06(Rs.6.00 Crores)

(v) Stone crushers-02 (Rs. 1.00 Crores)

(vi) Brick klin- 419 (Rs. 12.57 Crores)


Revenue from major and minor minerals (2005-2006) - Rs.1166.34 Lakhs