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Central Regulation

The major mineral lease is granted under central Mines And Minerals (development & regulation) act 1957.and Mineral Concession rules 1960.

Application for  reconnaissance permit; prospecting licence and mining lease shall be furnished in for A,B, and I forms respectively. These forms are available in mineral concession rules 1960 and are to be  submitted to the district magistrate office of the concerned district. The prospecting licence, reconnaissance permit and mining lease is sanctioned by the state Government on the technical report of the directorate and the report of  district magistrate regarding status of the land.

State Rules

The Minor Mineral lease is granted under UP Minor Mineral Concession   Rules 1963. The lease is sanctioned by the  District Magistrate of the concerned district except limestone marble and dimensional granite which is sanctioned by the state government. The application is submitted to the concerned DM office and forms are available in the UP Minor Mineral Concession Rules 1963.

Provisions for small areas, and one man one lease have been made. 

State Mineral Policy 1998

    The lease is sanctioned within 60 days.

  • Priority to the technically sound entrepreneurs

  • Approach roads in mineral areas and participation in providing infrastructure facility.

  • Status of Industry to mining & mineral development activity and concession in trade tax.

  • Financial assistance to mineral development

  • Development of mineral estates

Grant of Mining Lease

Major Mineral (Refer - Mines & Minerals development and regulation) Act 1957.
Mineral concession rules 1960


Application Form

Minor Mineral (Refer - U.P. Minor Mineral Concession Rules 1963)




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